Mojácar brings robotics to the Youngsters



         Mojácar Council, along with Almería’s Provincial Diputación and the local Guadalinfo Centre, organized a series of robotics workshops as part of the academic studies planned by the town’s Education Department.

 Over 4 sessions of 4 hours each, the participants on this “Taller de Raspberry Pi” course had the chance to cover topics such as hacking with Linux, programming with Minecraft, advanced sensors and robotics, cloud computing and drones.

         The final session involved the construction and programming of a wifi controlled robot, also using a raspberry pi card, complementing the work with Lego pieces for design and functionality. A fun race followed with the robots created by the students and, the winner was 13-year-old Abel Xosé García.

         This opportunity to study robotics and its applications created a great deal of interest amongst Mojácar’s youngsters from age thirteen, although there were some older members on the course, up to forty five years old.

         The course was taught by Miguel García Garre from Innovación Local, which is part of the Guadalinfo network, focusing on equal opportunities to access information technologies, as well as promoting talent.

         Throughout the year, from Monday to Friday, the local Guadalinfo offers free advice to anyone wanting to learn and develop their technology knowledge.  Ana García, Mojácar Councillor for Education, stressed the importance of offering equal opportunities in accessing such skills, in order to enhance the talents of young people as well provide learning opportunities to mature students of all ages.