Mojácar Town Hall opens the registration period for summer 2021 courses.




         The Mojácar Council Education Department has opened the registration period for children who want to attend summer courses, which will be held in the Mojácar Bartolomé Flores Public School.

         Parents interested in the Summer School have until 18th June to register their children, completing an application in which they have to include a Mojácar municipality “volante de empadronamiento” (registration of residency) for either of the parents or legal guardian, documentation which confirms that both parents are working, as well as the proof of payment for the registration of each child gaining admission to the course.

         This year, like last, the activities and the planned limit on numbers are adapted to the safety requirements and regulations which the health crisis and the situation demand, with extraordinary measures still due to Covid-19.

         The Summer School will open from 5th July to 26th August for children aged between three and 12. There are two start times, according to parents’ needs: from 10am to 2pm and from 8am to 2pm.

         Mojácar Council Education Councillor Raquel Belmonte is optimistic about the take-up for this municipal initiative, successfully established for many years in the locality.

         Raquel Belmonte affirmed the council’s aim with the Summer School is to create fun, educational activities in order to offer adequate care to all Mojácar’s children, to offer summer leisure time activity alternatives, to foster children’s educational development, promoting and developing sports activities at the same time as trying to instil healthy and teamwork values in children, without forgetting the intention of collaborating on the balance of work and home life for parents.

         According to the council education personnel programming, the planned activities will be by themed week, adapted to the pupils’ ages.

         Parents who have completed the registration will receive the obligatory Covid-19 health regulations for throughout the summer course, as well as the complete project around which the summer activities will revolve.