Almeria Provincial Council set up upgrade twenty streets along Mojácar Playa




The Provincial Council will invest 447,000 Euros in this project that will update areas of great importance to the town’s tourism.


Almería Council has awarded a contract for a major project that will modernize and renovate around twenty streets along Mojácar Playa, with an investment of 447,000 Euros from the Institution's Provincial Plans. These works will consist of the urbanization and paving along different roads running through the popular touristic areas of the municipality.  Tourism is important to the town as its main economic source, being one of the most popular destinations for Spanish as well as international tourists when considering the 'Costa de Almería.'


Thanks to this investment, these public streets along Mojácar Playa’s urban centre will be completely renovated, bringing greater safety and ease of movement for both drivers and pedestrians, whilst also improving access to the shopping and restaurant areas.


The Deputy for Public Works, Óscar Liria, stated that the Provincial Council “is continuing with its firm commitment to improve and modernize the major basic infrastructures of its 103 municipalities. In this case, it is around twenty streets in one of the towns with the greatest tourist impact in the province. In addition to benefiting all residents, this action will be good for the arrival of visitors and ease the connection between the different streets of this urban Mojaquero nucleus.” 


He went on to add that this type of action has a direct impact on the major medium-term objectives set out by the Provincial Council, which also have added benefits by extending out to other project areas. He stated that “there are equal opportunities by offering these same services to all the people of Almería, whatever their municipality of residence and, to take on the demographic challenges by providing more resources to the towns to the maintain their population figures.”


Mojácar’s Treasury Councillor, Francisco García, explained that “this is a project in which the two institutions, our local Council and the Provincial Council, have worked very closely, by which they will take carry out the necessary works along the beach area to improve accessibility, road and pedestrian traffic for all residents as well as visitors.”  He added that “these works represent a great and much needed investment for our municipality. Once again, the Provincial Council is providing resources to its Almerían towns to achieve the objectives set out by each consistory."

The places and streets that will benefit from the changes are La Mata, Las Artesas, Orán, Salvia, Las Zarzas, Plaza de Las Palmeras, Camino del Descargador, El Arenal, El Cantal, Jerez, Lucinda, Vista de Los Ángeles, Málaga, Alberti, Majada Calera, Solana, Turquesa, Las Venticas, Bélgica and Murgis.

The areas have been sectioned into ten different zones for carrying out the works which will involve tarmacking and paving, cleaning, and clearing excess vegetation and undergrowth, car park adaptation and reorganization, renewal of sanitation network connections, replacement of curbs, road marking signs and the conditioning of the fountain in Plaza de las Palmeras.


Provincial Road Improvements


In recent years, the Provincial Council has continued repairing and adapting sections of the Provincial Road Network throughout Mojácar. More than 300,000 Euros have been invested in four projects which have improved safety and ease of movement for all users, especially those with a high volume of traffic, especially in the summer season. These works have included paving the A-370 to the AL-5107 through Turre and Mojácar and on this same road from Carboneras to Garrucha via Mojácar. With these investments, these busy sections are being kept in perfect condition, facilitating good links between the Levante towns and, maintaining a strategic axis for tourism throughout the ‘Costa de Almería’ destination.