Mojácar Local Police save the life of a cyclist lost in Sierra Cabrera after suffering an accident and running out of water and being unconscious for hours



Officers located the 65-year-old man, injured and dehydrated, in the Los Cortijicos area, which he got to on foot, badly injured, after abandoning his bike.


The police force combed several kilometres of the mountains on foot until they found the victim, giving him first-aid and evacuating him to a health emergencies centre.

                Mojácar Local Police officers rescued a 65-year-old man alive, who they found injured, dehydrated and lost in Sierra Cabrera. He suffered an accident while out on a bike ride, losing consciousness for several hours. The rapid response of the members of the force was key in saving the life of this man, M. M. S. from Madrid, who set out on his adventure last Saturday 24th July, alone and in extreme temperatures which exceeded 35 degrees centigrade.

                The officers found the cyclist after a number of unsuccessful searches along tracks and through hills and ravines in Sierra Cabrera. It was family members who told the officers what route he could have taken and where he might be found. His wife managed to contact him by phone and he told her he was in a bad state in the El Santuario area.

                Several Local Police and Civil Guard teams headed to the location and combed a number of the mountain slopes on foot for kilometres until, finally, they came across the injured man close to the Los Cortijicos area. They had scoured the Aljuézar area, also Las Barranqueras and El Cortijo La Bodega, as well as Loma de la Bolina.

                According to Mojácar Local Police sources, the man started out on his bike at 7am and suffered a serious fall at about 12 midday. He ran out of water and was semi-unconscious for a number of hours.

                The two officers who found the missing man administered first-aid “in situ” before transferring him to the municipal medical emergencies centre, whose doctors referred him to Huércal-Overa’s La Inmaculada Hospital.

                The alarm was raised when the victim’s family informed offices that the cyclist had not been back since he’d left Vera first thing in the morning.

                At about 4.40pm officers began searching the area where he could have been with a negative result.  His mobile appeared to be turned off, and this made the search in a large area of mountains more difficult.

                Over the course of the afternoon his wife finally managed to speak to him for a few seconds, once he recovered consciousness, which was key to enabling the police to narrow down the search perimeter.