Sport Facilites

Mojácar and Sport

Mojácar invites the practice of sport. Its wide, long beaches are a lure for all lovers of activities involving contact with the sea. One can enjoy the emotion of sailing, speed boats, water skiing, or the passion of fishing, and will be rewarded with the wealth of marine life and the beauty of this part of the Mediterranean coastline. 

The consolidation of Mojácar as a sporting destination is based fundamentally on three characteristics: climate, the quality of the facilities and the diversity of the golf courses in the region. 

Incorporating sport as one of the new symbols of our cultural identity, combining golf with nature and integrating the courses into the countryside, has without doubt been well worthwhile. 

Sports Facilities:

Covered swimming pool and sport pavilion located in Mojacar village, next to the new Rey Alabez public parking facilities. The new sports centre including a swimming pool with lanes and stands, together  with dressing rooms and annexes.

Paddle-tennis courts are located in La Mata, near the football field. There are two courts, three changing rooms. The courts have special glass walls and a artificial floor, as well as a lighting system.


Football field, "City of Mojacar" is located in the Paraje La Mata, very close to the Marina de la Torre golf course and nearby hotels, with easy access and a perfect orientation towards the southeast. The ground occupies an area of over 7000 m2, together with 8000 m2 of parking.


Biohealthy Park located on the way to the beach, near the main roundabout. You can use different kimds of fitness equipment.

Golf Courses. Mojácar´s special microclimate makes this a privileged area for playing golf-year-round. The municipality boasts two modern 18-hole golf courses.  


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