Local Music Band

The band was born linked to the Local School of Music in 2000, removing the student from a repertoire almost always characterized by technical difficulties, to enter into a richer world and diverse nature. Genres cease to be only the Sonata, Concerto or parts of Virtuosity, which the student may enter other as the Symphony, the Oratory, Symphonic Poem or even Opera, Operetta, Soundtracks, passable, Funeral Marches and Processional etc.

The local Band of Mojácar (consisting of approximately 55 musicians), started in March the 16th in 2002 after a year of trials, enthusiasm, patience and willingness to work ..

Concert of Santa Cecilia, Christmas Concert, Concert of Andalucía’s day, playing traditional and popular music of the Community Concert Easter week processions: Since it began this journey a schedule of concerts featuring comprehensive, year after year, Easter, Moors and Christians, with a repertoire of Moorish and Christian marches, Supervisory celebrations in honor of St. Augustine, and Festivals in honor of the Virgen del Rosario, Hearing of Students of the Municipal School of Music in Mojacar.

Each year they visit different cities in Spain,with concerts and cultural activities, like  Benidorm, Madrid, Tarragona, Barcelona, Bedalmádena, Seville, Mallorca, Sierra Cazorla, Grazalema etc.

On the other hand, working selflessly, cultural, festive and solidarity acts, such as charity concerts for the Red Cross and Provincial and Comarcales meetings.