Birth registration

Birth registration at the Registry Office

Registration of birth:

Birth registration is the registration entry certifying the birth, date, time and place of occurrence and sex and filiations of the inscribed.

Who makes the registration:

If the parents are married to each other:

  • The father, the mother, both together, any adult relative or friend.

If the parents are not married to each other:

  • The father must be present if you intend to record who are the father and mother of the child.
  • The mother or any relative or friend, if the father of the baby is not going to be on record.
  • If the mother is legally separated or divorced, they must provide a copy of the separation or divorce, or certificate from his previous marriage.
  • If the father or mother is under age the birth registration is done through a file.

Deadline for registration:

You can register the birth within 8 calendar days, expandable to 30 days, if you have a good reason.

Documents required for registration:

  • Questionnaire of Declaration of Birth, yellow document, completely filled (given at the Hospital).
  • Statistical Bulletin of birth, pink booklet, completely filled (given at the Hospital or the Registry office).
  • Marriage certificate, if the parents are married or have had children together before. If the parents are foreigners and are married, proof of marriage (marriage certificate, foreign family book, etc).
  • DNI, Passport or NIE of the parents.

Where registration is made:

In the Registry Office of the locality where the birth occurred. You can also register at the Registry Office of the town where the parents reside, if is not the same as the place of birth.

For this you must:

  • Both the father and the mother live in that locality and they can prove it with an ID or any other document that shows their identity.
  • A joint request to the Civil Registry of mother and father.
  • Certification that the hospital has not promoted registration in the Civil Registry (is provided by the Hospital).

If the birth is registered at the Registry Office of the parents residence that will be, automatically, the birth place of the child.