Other activities

San Patricks Day:

St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and St Patrick’s Day is celebrated on the 17th of March each year to mark his death in the late fifth century A.D. although there is a healthy debate about the actual year.  St Patrick’s Day is an official bank holiday throughout Ireland and is recognised by Irish and non-Irish people all over the world as a day to party whilst enjoying Irish cuisine and copious amounts of a certain traditional Irish brew known by the letter G.  The colour green is very prominent at the celebrations and is worn by Christians and non-Christians alike as a symbol of Ireland’s rich pastures.


Peace Day, Mojácar

On friday the 30th of January, our Children celebrated the day of the Peace at the School and the Nursery School. 




Photo from the  "Garabatos"  nursery scholl and Ceip Bartolomé Flores,  Mojácar