Mojácar Council publishes the rules to authorize artistic performances in the public domain over Christmas 2023-2024




                Mojácar has planned an extensive programme of activities for these Christmas holidays with the aim of maintaining the locality as a Christmas reference point for the province and of filling this Christmas with even more light and magic.

Among all these planned activities, Mojácar, a traditional destination for artists and a cultural reference, cannot forget the promotion of artistic expression that is part of Mojácar society. For this reason, the locality’s council wants public roads to also be a space for artistic expression, contributing to its revitalization and organizing it for its orderly expression, so that everyone can enjoy it and it is in an environment of coming together and coexistence.

For this purpose, Mojácar Council has published the rules to regulate the presence of different artistic expressions in the streets of the old town over Christmas 2023-2024, so that they can be combined with other uses of the municipal public space during the Christmas festivities.

For the purposes of applying the rules published by the local authority, Mojácar Council specifies that street art will be understood as artistic expressions such as music, theatre, dance, mime, juggling, puppets, drawing or painting, etc., non-profit, and other similar activities that have the municipal public domain as their performance space, both individually and in groups, that require municipal authorisation and that have the streets of Mojácar municipality’s old town as their venue.

Those who are interested will have to submit their application at the Mojácar Council entrance register, from Monday to Friday and from 9am to 2pm, or via its online office. The applications will, along with the duly completed application form, be accompanied by the applicant's ID and a detailed description of the activity to be carried out. If the application does not meet the indicated requirements, it is incomplete, or if it is not accompanied by the documentation described, the interested party will be required to online, within a maximum period of 10 business days from the day following notification of the requirement, to correct what is lacking or attach the required documents, with the indication that, if this is not done, the request will be considered dropped.

Mojácar Council will establish an evaluation commission made up of the councillors from the tourism, culture and festivities departments, assessing the variety of the show, innovative or exceptional proposals, its quality or the public to which it is directed.

Likewise, the evaluation commission will record in the authorisation the allocated space, the authorised elements, the permitted operating hours and the day or days on which it will be possible, taking into account that both the rules and the authorisations are limited to Christmas 2023-2024.